2018-2019 Staff

Chase Bailey

Chase is a 17-year-old senior at Clintondale.  He likes recording music and making beats, which is a career he plans on pursuing.  Some of his role models are Mohammed Ali, Kendrick Lamar, and J. Cole.

Ratio Benton

Ratio is a 12th grader who plays varsity football and basketball.  He also participates in many school activities like the Hot Spot, Dragon Cafe, and others.

Brieana Bradford

Brieana, who prefers to go by Brie, is in her first year of journalism.  She is a senior at Clintondale, is 17 years old, and her birthday is January 13.  Her favorite hobbies are shopping, sleeping, and hanging with friends. ...

Candace Cannon

Candace is 17 years old and a senior in the class of 2019.  She has been a Clintondale student for seven years.  This is her first year working on the newspaper and she is so excited to be involved.  She really believes that...

Tierra Collums

Tierra, who likes to be called TiTi, is a senior in her first year of journalism and says she is very excited!  She is a Clintondale High School student-athlete, involved in Varsity Volleyball and Basketball.  She is also in...

Haley DeLoach

Haley is a senior at Clintondale.  She is on the Varsity Volleyball team, she loves to listen to music, and her friends call her "HayHay."  She always has a good attitude and tries to find the good in everything.

Mikayla Fistler

Mikayla is the oldest of three in her family.  She enjoys taking pictures and being active in the school and community.  She loves being around positive people and enjoying her time at Clintondale.  After she graduates, she...

Aliyanna Gorden

Aliyanna is in the 12th grade.  She is interested in playing the violin, watching TV, and playing video games.  She is fluent in Spanish and is trying to pick up Japanese.  She has been interested in journalism for a while...

Prince Gorden

Prince is a senior at Clintondale and the second oldest of five children, three of whom also attend Clintondale schools.  This is his first year in journalism and he wants to write something everyone will read and enjoy.

Darius Hackman

Darius is a transplant from Chicago, Illinois, who loves playing basketball.  When he gets out of high school, he wants to own his own business.  He moved to Michigan a year ago, and plans to move to Arizona after graduation...

Cheyanne Hale

Cheyanne is a senior at Clintondale.  She is really looking forward to seeing how her senior year of high school turns out!  She enjoys writing and listening to all different kinds of music.  She is working on polls, social...

Denzel Harmon

Denzel is a member of the class of 2019.  He enjoys sleeping, listening to music, and spending time with his friends.  He is the youngest of three siblings.

Kenneth Hester

Kenneth, who also goes by Kenn, is a senior at Clintondale.  He likes listening to music, going shopping, and driving in his free time.  He is also very involved in video editing and directing.

Ja’niyah Jeffrey

Ja'niyah is a senior at Clintondale.  Her birthday is October 2, she works at KFC, and she is the youngest of three.  Her favorite colors are blue, green, and purple, she likes to eat, cook, and have fun, and her favorite movie...

Princess Mi’a Johnson

Princess is a senior attending Clintondale.  She enjoys playing sports, writing, and drawing.  She plans to attend a university and play sports there, and she wants to study business and sports science.  She works as an athletic...

La-Niya King

La-Niya is a senior who has attending Clintondale since 7th grade.  She has played PowderPuff football, basketball, and volleyball.  This is her first year in journalism.

Jessica Kubbe

Jessica is currently in 12th grade, and she has gone to Clintondale schools since preschool.  She is the middle child, but she has only one brother.  Her favorite class is criminal and civil law.  This is her first year in...

Taijah Lewis

Taijah, who prefers to be called Tai, is in the class of 2019 at Clintondale.  Her birthday is December 29, and she is interested in sports and food.  The sports she plays are cheer, volleyball, basketball, and track, but she...

Victoria Mitchell

Victoria, who goes by Vicky, is eighteen years old and a senior.  She likes playing sports and she likes food.  She works at TJ Maxx and her favorite color is purple.  She doesn't like writing but she is going to try something...

Destiny Moore

Destiny is seventeen and is in 12th grade at Clintondale.  She works at Wendy's, her favorite colors are black and gold, and she loves McDonald's (sorry, Wendy's!).

Dylan Nichiporuk

Dylan is a senior at Clintondale.  He plans to go to college for entrepreneurship and is contemplating if he wants to go into culinary arts or business.  Entrepreneurship draws him in because of getting to be his own boss. ...

Tameira Ollie

Tameira is a soon-to-be graduate who is excited to be part of the Class of 2019!  She does cheer and plans to try track this year.  She is seventeen and the youngest of four siblings, her birthday is September 18, and she is...

Kierra Pearce

Kierra is an eighteen-year-old senior at Clintondale.  She enjoys writing and is a wonderful "people person."  She is finally a senior and is loving it!

Jaida Robinson

Jaida is a seventeen-year-old senior at Clintondale.  In her free time, she enjoys taking pictures, hanging out with her friends and family, and shopping, of course.  She is the youngest of five.  After graduation, she plans...

Christopher Rucker

Christopher is a senior at Clintondale.  He plays football, baseball, and basketball, and takes all honors classes.  He's nice and says he "can be a little funny at times."  He enjoys playing the game and watching TV.  He...

Nyah Sanders

Nyah is a senior at Clintondale.  Her favorite colors are red and black, and she plans on going to college for Psychology.

Raya Starks

Raya is a senior at Clintondale.  She enjoys cheering and running track, she enjoys cooking and she is in Dollars for Scholars.  This is her first year in journalism and she's really excited to share all the latest.

Kierra Stuart

Kierra is a seventeen-year-old senior who has been attending Clintondale since 6th grade.  This is her first year in journalism.  She has ten siblings and she loves to eat (her favorite food is a hamburger).  After high school,...

Alyssa Szeliga

"Bubble tea obsessed" Alyssa is part of the class of 2019 at Clintondale.  She has been part of Clintondale's Honors program for seven years and has played softball since her freshman year.  This is her first and final year...

Seror Toma

Seror is nineteen years old and has lived in America for three years after moving here from Iraq.  She says she lost two years of schooling when she came to America, but now her English is much better and this is her last year...

Joshua Warlick

Joshua is in the 12th grade at Clintondale.  He plays football on the varsity team, and he likes working out, playing football, and playing the game.

Alwina Welly

Alwina is a senior who is "winging it" this year.  She says she is "pretty cool" if you get to know her.  She is a Scorpio whose life has been more laid back and it's better that way.  Scorpios vs. everybody!

Mariah Williams

Mariah is an 11th grader in the Class of 2020.  After school, she plans on attending university, then going to medical school and becoming a doctor.  She enjoys taking pictures and getting her picture taken, so she may just...

Gabriel Willis

Gabriel, who likes to be called Gabby, is a senior at Clintondale and is 16 years old.  She is a student-athlete who has played volleyball, basketball, track, and softball ever since she started high school, but this year she...

Matthew Yaworski

Matthew is 17 years old and a senior at Clintondale.  Hs plays varsity baseball, he loves his family, and in his free time, he loves playing video games and four-wheeling.  Also, he says he's great at MLB the show, and baseball...

Julie A. Shier

Newspaper and yearbook advisor. Veteran teacher. Zookeeper, cheerleader, coffee addict.

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