2017-2018 Staff

Aliyah Austin

My name is Aliyah Austin, I’m 17 years old and a senior. I enjoy writing, music, and shopping. I plan to join the military when I graduate and eventually become a therapist to special ed kids.

Tierra Lynae Bailey

Hi! I am Lynae Bailey. Deeply flawed but a good person. My favorite things are long walks on the beach and reading. I love my dog. My family is important to me. If I interest you my number is 586- Never going to happen. Call me!...

Sean Bianchini

Hi, my name is Sean Bianchini. I am a senior. I am a guitarist and a football player for the Varsity team.

Isaiah Bosket

Greetings! My name is Isaiah Bosket and I am a part of Clintondale’s journalism class. I like to mostly read, sleep, take short naps, and watch more TV than humanly possible! Welcome to our student website!...

Carissma Coleman

My name is Carissma, I am a senior in the class of 2018. I’ve played softball from ninth grade to tenth grade. I am involved in the peer mediation program in the school. I am a great student and very helpful to others....

Alana Comstock

I’m not really involved in any sports or after school activities yet and I guess that’s okay. I’m tryin’ my hardest to graduate, though. Class of 2018💞

Scherie Cook

Hi! I am Scherie Cook, a Clintondale student, one of many that works on the school newspaper, yearbook, and website. I’m in 12th grade, and soon to be a college student. I want to go to school be a Pulmonary physician. I lov...

Elizabeth Foley

Elizabeth Foley - Dedicated to making The Voice of the Dragon a successful school newspaper. Cats and dogs are equal. I stand by this statement.

Demario Hardwick

My name is Demario Hardwick. I am transitioning (M+F). I am a senior. I am very independent, sensitive to most things, and love to be around positive people.  I plan to start at a Community College for 2 years, and then transfer ...

JaZon Harris

Hello, I am JaZon Harris. I'm in my senior year of high school and this is my first time doing newspaper. I enjoy photography and writing and subjects that have to do with news.

Nahya Hasan

Hello, my name is Nahya Hasan. I am 17 years of age and a senior in high school. In my free time I like to go to the gym and sleep. I am the youngest of two. After I graduate, I would like to attend cosmetology school and get into...

Deonte Higgins

My name is Deonte Higgins and I'm in the class of 2018. I play varsity football, basketball, track and field, and baseball. I love playing sports, it’s just a way to keep me out of trouble.

Shante Higgins

Hi! My name is Shante Higgins, I am 17 years old and a senior. In my free time, I like to cheer, take pictures and hang with my friends. I plan to attend Central State University for my freshman year of college....

JaNiah Jelks

Hi, my name is JaNiah Jelks. I am 17 years old and a senior in high school. I am the second youngest of eight. After I graduate, I would like to go into the Medical or Psychology field.

Amaris Johnson

Hi I’m Amaris Johnson. I love to be with my family and friends. The most important thing to me is my love and loyalty with them. My favorite food is shrimp and steak. I also like motorcycles and four wheelers. ...

Catera Johnson

Hello! My Name is Catera Johnson, I am a Senior. I like to eat food, like a lot of food, and hang out with my friends. In my early years, I used to play Volleyball and run Track, but I got too lazy and got a job so I can get some...

Danay Johnson

Hey, my name is Danay Johnson.  I’m a senior.  I like to play basketball, run track and cross country.  I’m an outgoing and outspoken person.  I also have a twin.

LaMya Jones

Hi, my name is LaMya. I'm a senior and I’ve been attending Clintondale Community Schools for about seven years now. I play varsity Volleyball but this is my first year doing the newspaper. I really believe that this year’s year...

Enijah King

Hi, my name is Enijah King. I’m a senior. My interest is in English. This is my first time working on a newspaper. I played volleyball and basketball my freshman and sophomore year.

Deshawna Knight

My name is Deshawna, I am a senior. I have a job and I played volleyball in 9th and 10th grades. I have a best friend named Carissma and she's real. I'm a great student with good attendance and I don't play games when it come...

Alexander Lucas

Hi, my name is Alex Lucas. I currently attend Clintondale High School and I’m a senior. I am the starting Power Forward on the Varsity Basketball team. Basketball is something I’ve loved since i was six years old. ...

Seth Maisano

Hi, my name is Seth Maisano. I am a senior, and  I'm currently the sports editor. I am a SS and a RB on the football team (three years). I also play basketball (two years) and baseball (three years). My favorite sport is football b...

Jeremiah Miller

Class of 2020! I have burgundy hair, I'm chill, I enjoy high school, I’m currently in my sophomore year. I enjoy doing school work. School is cool. Clintondale is great. I'm good at Madden 18.

Jamela Perry

Hello, my name is Jamela. I’m 17, my birthday is July 11th, and I’m a Cancer. I’m only 5ft and I’m a senior.

Asia Rushing

Hi, my name is Asia Rushing. I am 17 years old and a senior. I play softball and volleyball. My hobbies consist of reading and hanging out with my friends.

Nyah Sanders

My name is Nyah Sanders, and I’m in the class of 2019. I enjoy doing anything that’s creative and or hands-ons.

Alany Stallion

Hi! My name is Alany Stallion and I am a Senior. This is my first year writing for the newspaper. I am the DS on the Volleyball team, I love to hang out with my friends, and I love to eat.

Chrishia Summers

My name is Chrishia Summers and I am currently a sophomore. Almost any “famous” and most talked about sport you can name, I played before or still play today (cheer, football, soccer, basketball, volleyball, track etc). Also, I...

Kayla Van Vliet

My name is Kay and I’m a freelance writer. I’m a senior and I enjoy eating, sleeping and creative writing. I enjoy learning new things, hanging out with friends and laughing. I’m so excited to be a part of this newspaper ...

Aliyah Vann

Hi, my name is Aliyah Vann. I’m a senior. I love coming to school to see my friends every day and get my work done so I can get to my future. I’m just very excited to be working on newspaper and yearbook this year!  ...

Josh Warlick

Hi, my name is Josh Warlick. I like to play football, I’m a part of the Clintondale football team. We are currently undefeated and are planning on keeping it that way. Also, I like to paint and draw because I like to express ...

Alwina Welly

Hi, my name is Alwina Welly and I’m a junior. I am the secretary of my class and I like to read and write.

Faith Young

Hi, my name is Faith Young. I’m a senior. I’m a part of NHS, Student Congress, Key Club, and yearbook. I enjoy chilling with friends, having fun and eating food.

Julie A. Shier

Newspaper and yearbook advisor. Veteran teacher. Zookeeper, cheerleader, coffee addict.

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