School’s Mysteries

Thomas Aderman, Reporter

Many students have been wondering why this year has been so weird from the free lunches to the mandatory IDs on all staff and students and not to mention this strange up and down number of kids. People are rightfully scared and waiting for something else to happen.  It’s only a matter of time except for the few who have been vaccinated; they get to come back with a card the rest of us stay home about a week or more and then come back to school and resume work.

School lunches from the first day were free: you can take your lunch and leave no hassle but some worry one day they will come back to having to pay and end up having no having money and being in debt to the school which every time you come to get food they make sure to tell you about it. One thing I hear often is why is it free. From public knowledge, I understand that our new superintendent intends on helping us, which is why I believe we get this free lunch.

The mandatory IDs are an issue to most. For me, I feel like I look bad and so do an alarming amount of students do too and so having to show our picture around like we are proud of it is annoying and many argue will decrease morale. I think having your ID on you instead of needing it out sounds better because people can feel more comfortable that way. Personally, I don’t look too great and normally I wouldn’t care but 2D does not look nice on me.

The absence predicament is no more than kids possibly getting covid and if you get it it’s not a big deal you get 2 weeks off and you get an extension on work. Not too bad but if anyone was near you then they get sent home too because they were possibly affected but it’s not certain; you take a test and in a few days you’re set unless you have a vaccine card then you stay in school. All work should be delayed for up to 1 week after your back but there may be exceptions.