The year after Covid: the scares, the the thrills, and the unknown

Thomas Aderman, Reporter

This year has been strange for everyone most people went from freshmen to juniors and sophomores to seniors. This is understandably a crazy new way of life and getting back to school is exciting but quite new for people who just skipped a year of development like the new sophmores who skipped the freshmen expirience. I heard from a teacher who deals with all grades that these sophomores and freshmen are scary and out of control.

After a year and a half of being behind a screen coming back to school is scary and it’s hard because the leniency we had is no longer there; the week until everything is due now is due on a specific date and the A or B grade opt out exams are now probably going to be back to A only or no opting out at all and for some students that’s scary. For some of the kids this will not be a problem but it might take a bigger toll than we may soon realize for this year we are not being helped as much as we once was.

One horrifying thing students and faculty have been dealing with is that kids have been put in quarantine and that is spreading rumours that another outbreak is gonna come and everyone will be back behind screens. Some may want this because understandably it was fun having some time home, but for many going home is worse that school for some this is only a matter of time. They expect it and for those few the year is ruined the magic that this school’s halls have are gone and dull.

SAT scores for this years students have been kinda neglected and colleges know that so most colleges are making SAT scores optional and not really needed. They help your chances but are not necessary and so this year’s freshmen are relieved for those who were affected by covid. Many do question how long this will happen; will this year’s sophomores also have a chance to be SAT optional? We don’t know as of now. My friend’s brother who is a junior has told me “All I’ve been told this year is that this is the most important test of my life” but will he even need to do well or will he just need to focus on his grades for a GPA?

I think we as seniors are all happy to have this be are last year of school but for many we are saddened by knowing we are also leaving this school we have grown to love our friends and even the occasional favorite teacher. Here at Clintondale we see all staff and students as our family and as we start neering the end we are getting sad and dont want it to end. For some like our very own Mrs.Kasom is like a mother to us all and we all love her very dear to our hearts. Not seeing them every day will be weird but as dragons we must push through and carry on its legacy. Be safe and stay strong dragons.