Meet Ms. Tedeschi


Jazzlyn Lamond, Reporter

A lot has transpired in society and at our school since the COVID-19 outbreak began. This is the first “normal” academic year since the start of the pandemic. Clintondale High School is excited to welcome a new teacher! Ms. Tedeschi, (also known as Ms. T) our newest addition to the school, teaches Sportscasting & Interviews, Intro to Audio Recording, Podcasts, and a few other classes.

She worked at “Shelby TV,” Shelby Township’s government cable channel, where she was able to produce shows and segments such as “Shelby this week,” a children’s program called “The Treehouse”, news packages, as well as working with the Humane Society of Macomb and doing “Pet of the Week” for the news program, before coming here. She also worked at ID Tech throughout the summer, “I taught students how to apply Adobe Premiere and Adobe Photoshop inside and outside of the classroom.” Ms. Tedeschi also works as a freelance editor at Learning Works for Kids, where she produces “educational videos for kids.” She enjoys staying active, and she currently works two jobs. Her full-time job at Clintondale and her freelance position.

With all of these diverse career choices, I was curious about her college major. When asked she said, “I majored in Journalism and minored in Digital Media Production; I really wanted to be in Broadcast Journalism since video editing is my most favorite thing in the world.” She enrolled at Oakland University, where she majored in Journalism due to the large number of video-editing courses offered. She discovered that she enjoyed writing along the way. “So, when they had me out writing articles I couldn’t have been happier.”

Due to her experiences at ID Tech and interacting with teenagers, she decided that being a teacher sounded like something she would enjoy just a few weeks before she saw the job offer for Clintondale. “This year, I’ve been kind of going with the flow to see if I like it, and so far, I’ve really enjoyed being a teacher.”

With all of the career changes, especially this past year, it’s always important to have a strong support system. Ms. Tedeschi’s biggest supporter was her grandmother. “Video is a very competitive and complex field. I was actually going to move down to Atlanta, Georgia in November to become a production assistant. I was dead set and ready to go and then my Grandma Tedeschi, who is a 90-year-old lady, didn’t understand what I did at all but she was my biggest cheerleader. She would always tell me that I do the craziest jobs, but she’d watch and support me through it all.” Sadly, Grandma Tedeschi passed away in August. “I’m very family-oriented and it kind of stopped me in my tracks. I reevaluated a lot of stuff and decided to stick around for a while. I have no regrets with my choice. I know she’d be so excited to know that I was teaching.” 

Ms. Tedeschi’s first impression of the school was understandable. “To be honest, I was a bit overwhelmed. I kind of saw the job description and thought I’d try it out. Everything happened kind of fast, I was literally hired a week before school started.”

“All my students have been nothing but great to me. It’s nice to be a similar age to the students I teach. I was 22 when the school year started and I turned 23 on the 3rd day of school. The only problem is that because I look like them- there is a respect thing that a lot of times you don’t get. I’m still getting into the hang of things but so far I’ve really enjoyed working here.”

 Make sure when you have a chance to stop by room 305 and give a big welcome to Ms. Tedeschi!