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January 22, 2021

Since Covid-19 things have been hard for face-to-face kids to switch to virtual. I interviewed a face-to-face kid to get an idea of what it’s been like since the start of Covid-19 at Clintondale High School. The student’s name is Latisha Chamble.

My first question was “Does she do virtual learning? and if so, why?” She stated that “She chooses to do virtual because her mom didn’t want her back into school and because she didn’t want to deal with people.”

I asked her “How was she doing in virtual?” She stated that she’s doing “Horrible because [she doesn’t] have the motivation.”

I asked her “Next semester if she’s switching? She stated, “Sadly, yes!” I then asked Ms.Chamble “What’s the hardest part for her to do virtual?” She stated “The motivation to do all of each class’s work.”

I asked her “If she alone or with others while doing school?” She stated that “She is with others while doing school”. I then asked her “How did virtual learning affect her? Was it a good or bad thing? She told me that “It affected her badly because she doesn’t have any motivation to do any work.”

I then asked her “Is her time management different or the same when turning in assignments?”. She stated that “It’s different because she procrastinated till the very last minute.” She also stated that “She has some days where she and her friends get together and do work together.”

I asked her “Where was she learning?” She said, “In her room on her bed.”

I asked her “Can she focus while doing virtual?” She told me “No and that most of the time she’s half-asleep.”

I then asked Ms.Chamble “Is her communication good with her teachers?” She responded with “No, because some of these teachers keep testing my patience.”

I asked her “Was there anything that she liked about virtual learning”? She says “Yes, I like that I’m at home and I don’t have to go to school and deal with other kids.”

I asked her “When it comes to missing work how quickly does she manages them?” She responded with “I try to do them as fast as possible if I have the motivation.”

I asked, “What can teachers do to help you?” She said, “Not assign so many assignments in one week knowing that we have six other classes that are giving out work.”

Finally, I asked her “Were her grades better face to face or virtual?” She stated “face to face.”

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