Senior’s Virtual Learning Experience

Alaynah Walker, Reporter

During the December of 2020 Ms.Shier’s Jounalism class had interviewed their fellow classmates about their virtual learning experience so far.

The fellow classmate I interviewed was 12th grader Leondra Ashford. She’s been doing virtual learning since we’ve been back to school, which she choose due to COVID-19.  She’s actually mentioned that she prefers virtual learning over our usual face-to-face classes. So, during our second semester, she would prefer not to switch back to face-to-face.

Leondra has mentioned that the hardest work during virtual learning can be waking up early in the morning and some assignments. Leondra has also mentioned that she does virtual learning with her 3 other friends, who make waking up early not so bad.

Virtual learning has overall effected Leondra but in a good way, which is helping her semester grades. Her time management has been the same since face-to-face learning, but she says her friends has helped with that situation. Her focus during virtual learning is great and she has a very good communication with her teachers. Leondra has her days, but her friends has helped with that. So she continues the enjoy her virtual learning during her senior year.