How does it feel going back to face 2 face?

Kennedy Dodson, Reporter

Since September I’ve been face 2 face back and forth between classrooms and zoom calls and finally get to go back on February 2nd. What I like about face 2 face is it is not as complicated as virtual learning, it’s not hard to ask your teachers questions or ask for help because you right there with them, and with face 2 face, to me I understand way better than virtual learning.

There are a lot of students that like face 2 face. They enjoyed it and found it helpful to them, but also a lot of virtual students want to be face 2 face because they don’t have the motivation to get up and get on zoom class which I understand because I don’t have the motivation to do my work anymore or get up on time for my scheduled zoom calls.

Another thing with us students being online is that now school is coming to an end and everything is getting even more stressful than it was before, a lot of stress is put on us students because we know school is not the same anymore with covid and that things are different and we have to be on top of our game to walk across that stage with no problems.

Students have been complaining and really have not been in the mood for school, for us seniors it’s very hard because your senior year is supposed to be fun, having fun with your friends before most of us part ways. Covid ruined school for most of us but like I mentioned before, it ruined for the seniors mainly, we don’t and didn’t get to experience the feeling of being a senior at Clintondale High School.

To conclude my story, hopefully these last few months of school changes and make our ending to senior year a year to remember and that we students keep grinding to the end.