Peer interview story

Malik Bellamy, Reporter

For our peer interview assignment, my partner was Timothy Bennett. I really got to know some stuff about him  and what he thinks about virtual learning.

The things he said was like mine because he said he likes virtual learning more because it´s easier for him and I agree with him, and I agree with almost everything he agreed on.

The thing I disagree on is when  he said he isn’t on his device. I am on mine but I stay focused at the same time. I really like this peer interview assignment because it was so easy and I like doing assignment when I partner up with other students.

Ms. Shier, I would like to thank you and ask to have a assignment like this again in the later future. I like the questions that you gave us they weren’t easy but they weren’t hard either. This assignment was about telling what you prefer and the student you got partnered up with’s opinion on it to.