Peer Interview

Leondra Ashford, Reporter

On December 18th, I interviewed my classmate Alaynah Walker about her experience with face to face and virtual learning. 

The interview was for a Journalism class that I’m taking at Clintondale High School; 12th grader Alaynah Walker started the school year off doing face to face but got stuck doing virtual because of the stay-at-home order that was issued by Governor Whitmer. Alaynah originally wanted to try virtual in the beginning but after the first day, she decided she can only learn in person.

Alaynah does her virtual learning at her home, in her room or living room. Alaynah also has the help of teachers and her friends when she does her work throughout the day.

Alaynah believes that she works better in school; Alaynah has also stated that she plans on going back to school second semester if she gets the choice. Alaynah describes her challenge with online school as complication with clear directions from her teacher.

Virtual learning has affected Alaynah in a negative way. Virtual learning did not help Alaynah improve her grades. Alaynah is learning how to balance out time for all of her classes while learning from home. Alaynah describes it as getting more challenging day by day with all of her teachers assigning a lot of assignments at once.