Online school interview with Jason Smith

Bredren Mathes, Reporter

Clintondale High School has switched to virtual school due to covid. To get  a idea on what its like to be a Clintondale virtual student I decided to do a interview with one of the students.

The student’s name is Jason Smith, a senior. I made up a couple questions for him to answer.

First question I asked him was what is his favorite part about being virtual. He responded by saying, ¨Being home and being able to eat and relax in between breaks.¨

The next question I asked was how was he doing virtually and he responded saying , ¨I am not doing as well as I would have hoped due to that fact some of my teachers are still unorganized with zoom times and I cant stay awake during classes.¨

I asked him what is the hardest part for him doing virtual and he replied saying , ¨Being able to keep up with my work for sure. Its not easy and also staying up during meetings.¨

The next question I asked him was is he alone or with others while he does his work and he replied with , ¨I am alone; I don’t like to be disturbed when im on zoom.¨

The last question I asked was how is virtual school affecting him and he replied, ¨It’s taking a toll on me for sure, it’s hard to stay awake and not go to sleep and it’s hard keeping up with my work if i’m constantly being bombarded with work and projects on a daily basis by my other teachers.¨