Peer Interview

Peer Interview

Taylor Jones, Reporter

My name is Taylor Jones, a student at Clintondale High School. I am going to be interviewing one of my classmates, Kareem Harmon, about virtual learning and how he feels about it.

Virtual learning can be a huge change/process for children K-12. Some can handle it and some can’t for personal or household reasons. The following are questions that I asked.

“What is your most difficult task/challenge?” Kareem states that his most biggest difficulty is staying focused , he believes that with students being in bed all day , their brains won’t fully function because it may think you want to sleep or still are tired.

Online learning took away the activities in school so it’s boring and not attention grabbing when it’s occurring.

Another question I asked: “Are there any differences on how you complete your work compared to face to face?” Harmon says “When face to face you get more noticed by your teacher and can get more help, work doesn’t seem so hard and confusing because you can ask as many questions as you want.”  Students who believe face to face is a better option when it comes to education are more ‘visual learners.’

“How comfortable are you with virtual learning?”  Kareem begins saying “it’s not too bad, but I am not used to it, it doesn’t help me learn things faster like usual and it’s difficult to keep up with assignments but I still get the work done.”

A human can only handle so much, if stressed or frustrated some things won’t work out or go as planned, but it’s your job to stay on top of that.