Student Interview About Online School

Latisha Chamble, Reporter

In December of 2020, Miss Shier´s Journalism class interviewed other classmates about virtual learning and how they think it is.

I interviewed one of my fellow classmates about it; 12th grader Alayjah Walker had been doing face to face during the whole pandemic up until classes got shut down. She was forced to do virtual and this is how she described it. She had only done face to face because her mother had made her.

Alayjah has been doing her learning at her home, more specifically in her room and sometimes she studies at her kitchen table. She studies with her twin sister Alaynah Walker and her three other friends.

Walker had described her work in virtual learning better than in school learning. She had even stated that she wanted to switch to online next semester, but she described the hardest thing about doing online is waking up in the morning.

Virtual had affected Alayjah in a good way. While doing online school it helped her improve her grades and her time management skills. She had learned how to break her schedule down to figure out what assignments she needs to finish for what class and what class meetings she has to attend. But it isn’t as easy as it seems she does have her days where it is harder to study than other days.