Student’s thoughts on virtual learning

Peer interview

Students thoughts on virtual learning

Olivia Turner, Reporter

Due to the global pandemic, schools around America have been forced to shut down. This has caused students to switch from face to face learning to fully virtual. As you could expect many students and teachers are not happy about this and many students just can’t keep up. Lots of people are struggling with this new change.

A student I recently interviewed who is affected by this switch is Kareem Harmon. Harmon is a senior this year at Clintondale High School.  He’s also an athlete, so as you can imagine this switch was probably pretty weird for him. Kareem says that he will be returning to face to face learning next semester if given the chance. He states that focusing can be hard but he does a good job for the most part. 

Another big thing students and teachers are struggling with are grades. When asked how his grades are doing virtually, Kareem said they were definitely better face to face. 

¨For sure grades were better face to face. Virtual, it’s not real bad but I would for sure do better face to face.¨

Although he says his grades aren’t that bad, this is not the case for other students. Some are barely just getting by while others are doing great and thriving.  

Overall, I feel like students are just ready for everything to go back to normal and finish off their senior year on a good note.