How it feels to be a virtual school learner

Briona Winston, Reporter

Since Covid-19 came about and all students are now online and at home, it’s a lot we can say about the experience.  After months of being in this pandemic and everyone being home and school starting up students have a lot to say.

Most students said “I like school more because I don’t have any motivation during online classes” and I completely understand and agree with that because I deal with that as well.

The school year is halfway done and we are winding down to our last couple months in school and most students is tired of this school year and ready for it to end.

Another thing that was said is I asked does it feel like your senior year and they responded with “No because I wanted my senior year fun and it’s not because of covid” and I understand that covid has taken over a lot of things that’s going on and ruined them.

To end it off, Covid-19 is still making things horrible and no one is enjoying how it is still going on we don’t know when it will end and we just hope for the best to come with the whole situation.