Virtual Learning

Chania Johnson, Reporter

In the year 2020, a lot of things have changed across the world but for students in school, things for us have changed drastically. Since we have a pandemic going on across the world a lot of things have gotten shut down including schools, including my school which forced us to keep classes virtual until further notice.

I interviewed a high school senior that attends my school to see what she thinks about switching to virtual learning.

In the interview, I asked, “Why did you choose virtual learning”? She said she chose virtual learning to keep herself safe from the virus and because she doesn’t want to get sick and stuff, plus her dad also thought it was best.

I also asked how it affected her and what were good or bad things she got out of virtual learning? Her response was it taught her to be more awake and responsible for getting up out of bed, it’s a good thing because when college comes around she’s already used to the routine.

As you can see virtual learning is really taking a toll on how we learn today, including myself.

“My grades were definitely better when I was doing face to face, if I pass the 12th grade, God was really on my side”. Says Hannah Greer, the senior I interviewed.