Pros and Cons of Virtual & Face to Face students

Pros and Cons of Virtual & Face to Face students

Taylor Jones, Reporter

COVID-19 has made 2020 very hard for the United States, with a lot of concern, worry, and panic. This year so far has been very disappointing.

It was such a hard decision to open schools around the world because of the pandemic. It was so risky that teachers didn’t know whether they wanted to continue working for the schools or not. Government officials made it optional for teens to pick online learning or face to face. Only 41% of teens transferred to virtual.

Some cons of virtual learning are: Many kids will be easily distracted and not focused when they are sitting at home. You tend to procrastinate on work and become lazy as well.

Some pros of virtual learning are: you may feel more comfortable doing your work in your own bed, not having to worry about others trying to cheat. It can be soothing for some students who rather do work alone.

Face to Face students may seem to have it easy, students get to engage more with their teachers and that’s a huge difference between the two.  After all the rush and changes within the school year, everybody got through it and still managed to move forward.