How Covid-19 affected basketball

Bredren Mathes, Reporter

Covid-19 affected many things but one of the most popular things that was affected was basketball. NBA, College, and high school basketball were put to a hold.

College basketball sadly couldn’t have March Madness. The NBA was close to the playoffs but had to end.

For high school basketball, seniors had to go their last year without ever knowing how far they could’ve gone in the playoffs. For many, it was devastating to have to sit back thinking what could’ve happened. For me personally, I used the time of basketball being shut down to better my skills.

A few months after the shutdown started, the NBA made a surprise announcement. The NBA started back up but was in a place called “the bubble,” which kept the players safe. AAU for high schoolers was back on and it felt a little different but it felt good to have basketball back. The Lakers became the NBA champs this year so now we got the answer to what could have happened.