Clintondale dragons take the win against Liggett on Senior Night

Chania Johnson, Reporter

On October 30, the Clintondale Dragons Varsity Football team had a playoff game against Liggett and it was also Senior Night.

It was a crowded, packed game and all eyes were on the team so of course, they wanted to work hard and impress. It was also a very special night for the seniors so they also wanted to play hard and impress.

The boys played tough second and third quarter, we knew that we were going to take the win for the night against Liggett for our first playoff game.  This game determines if we move forward in the playoff.

By the time third and fourth quarter came we already had the money in the bag, the Clintondale Dragons won the game for the night and went to the next playoff game with a score of 46-14.

Dave Schindler, the Clintondale Dragons football coach, said “The boys really earned and deserved it, they have been putting in a lot of work and will make a comeback no one is ready for’.”