The Dragons First Milestone

Aaron Patterson, Reporter

On September 19th,  2020 the Clintondale Dragons made a huge milestone to start off the 2020 football season.

The Dragons beat the Eagles for the first time in Clintondale history, 6-22. The team was led defensively by Antonio Johnson (TD), Kareem Harmon (2 tackles and 1 sack), Phillip Brown (Fumble recovery), Carell Chapman ( Fumble recovery),  Jason McKnight ( fumble recovery), and Aaron Patterson (4 tackles, 1 fumble recovery).

On Offense, we had Dacaria Jenkins (50 yards rushing, 11 carries), Markail Owens (1 TD, 14 carries, 30 yards rushing, 24 yards receiving), and TeChaun Thedford (9 carries, 38 yards rushing, 5 of 12 passing 42 yards).  The player of the game was Kareem Harmon and the Offensive Player of the game was Markail Owens.


Dacaria Jenkins running the ball