TV Reviews: What are all the good shows I watched over the break?

Trenyce Jones, Reporter

There are many shows out there, But none are like the one I am about to share with you.  My recommendations:

The 100:  This show is all about a modern-day apocalypse and how 100 kids get sent to the ground because they were in space for 100 years and they battle wars and friendship and modern-day relationships. Honestly, I recommend but this show did me dirty.

Charmed (1998): Now I know this show is pretty old but the episodes are golden. They keep me on my toes.  I very much recommend this show.

The Flash: Honestly this show doesn’t even need a description of how it’s so good.

Manifest: Now this is one of the many shows that I can say I watched in one sitting all the twists and turns.  It’s about the family when they get on a plane and go missing for five years and no time has passed for them and they have life saving premonitions.

Prodigal Son: is about a criminal psychologist and his serial killer father solving murders from  jail and his father give him nightmares and he’s very much scared of his father. This is one of the many shows that tell me not to trust a single soul, not even my dad’s.PERIOD

Brooklyn 99: CHILD this show is everything it’s super funny and a sitcom and one of the best shows on NBC

But these are not all the shows I watched over this break. Best believe I’ve watched countless more, these are just my top 5 that I recommend that you should watch.