My virtual school life


Bredren Mathes

This is where I’m mostly at the whole day doing work.

Bredren Mathes, Reporter

This school year due to the Covid-19 life has had to be changed for a lot of people. One of the hardest decisions and adjustments that we had to make was what would be the best environment for students’ education that keeps them safe at the same time.

The school I am attending is Clintondale High school. Like other schools, we have virtual school and face to face school, which is in-person school. I didn’t feel comfortable with face to face do to how risky it can be so I chose the virtual route.

My virtual life actually I feel is a benefit for me because it teaches me how to do things by myself and how it’s on me to stay on top of my stuff and join my meetings and turn in all my work on time.

My virtual life every day is simple. I wake up at a certain time to join all my meetings for the day. After I get my meetings out of the way then I go eat breakfast and get to work. I usually work on my couch every day. It’s comfortable for me instead of sitting at a desk.

After I get all my work done I might work ahead on other assignments but first I take a nap so I can be refreshed. This is my day everyday in virtual school and like I said it is simple everyday planning.