All about that hair

Taijah Lewis, Reporter

CHS Senior Brieana Bradford is a young businesswoman trying to earn a little money for her needs and wants without working an average teenager job. You may ask how can she get her money? HAIR!

Brianna gets her money from selling bundles of hair, (weave) for girls or boys sew-ins. I asked Brianna a few questions in regards to her business. My questions were, What was your first step to selling hair ? Do you enjoy selling hair? What is the downfalls to selling hair? And do people really enjoy your product? Her responses to my questions were, “My first step was trying to find a professional vendor with good products. When I chose my vendor I chose based on what type of hair I would put in my head because I wanted my customers to have the best quality in their head. If I wouldn’t wear it then I wouldn’t sell it. (What was your first step to selling hair?) Yes, I do enjoy selling hair away from the extra money I enjoy having my own little business and providing hair to those that may need or want it. (Do you enjoy selling hair?) The downfall is that I haven’t had as many customers as I hoped I would have but then again I’m still at the beginning stage of my company. (What is the downfalls to selling hair?) And yes, people are really loving my bundles. I have not gotten a bad review yet and I’ve sold straight and curly textures.” (Do people really enjoy your product?).

Being a new young business person has its pros and cons but I believe if you stay committed like Brieana is doing, it will all come together in the end. GET YOUR HAIR FROM BRIE BRIE!