Class Of 2019 Seniors


Jaida Robinson, Reporter

Recently, I interviewed 2 of Clintondale seniors: Henry Jemison and Tianna Ross.  I asked them about their experiences in high school, have you grown as a person, what are some of your fun memories, are you ready to go or do you wanna stay? Their responses were interesting and I was happy with their answers.

Henry Jemison – “I’m ready to get out of here. Throughout my high school experience, I have learned different life lesson like time wasted is an opportunity. I am going to miss being here especially being with my friends. I have many fun times here that I will never forget but the one I remember the most is the food fight we had in my cafe class. Im really happy to be apart of the 2k19 class and I don’t regret nothing. I’m ready to go to leave but Im for sure gonna miss it.”

Tianna Ross – “I’m really going to miss high school and I’m not ready to go. Throughout my high school career, I have definity improved as a person. I realized that I gotta do what I have to do to succeed. In my 9th grade year, I  messed up really bad, but I got my head in the game and improved. Im gonna miss being here with my friends. Moving schools, I was a little nerves but not really because I attended Clintondale in elementary, but I have made friends and created friendships that will last a lifetime.”