Student’s Perspective

Jaida Robinson, Reporter

Earlier this week, I interviewed 2 of Clintondale High Schools students, 12th grader Prince Gorden and 10th grader Hannah Greer. I asked them what do you love about CHS, what is it like being a student at CHS, and if you could change 1 thing about Clintondale, what would it be? Their responses were very interesting.

Prince Gorden –  “I love most of the teachers here and I like hanging out with my friends here. I look forward to going to the gym every morning. Being a student here is good. The teachers take their time to help you out. Sometime. it does get boring here. If I could change 1 thing, I would forsure change the time we start, like I would do 8am-3pm.”

Hannah Greer – “I like the teachers and how friendly they are to the students. Being a student here is amazing and im happy I go here.”