Varsity Dragons vs The Shamrocks


Taijah Lewis, Reporter

The Clintondale Dragons Varsity team received a hard-working win last night on the twelfth of December 2018 with the final score being 61-55.

The Dragons played hard and focused on the fundamental of basketball when it came to this win. Players were on the floor, sprinting down the court, throwing elbows. The dragons really went toe to toe with the East Detroit Shamrocks, ending up on top.

What I saw from the game was the defense won that game but offense filled those seats. The boys really played hard and with heart and really paid off. The game ended with Dominic Willis with points, Corey Hines with 15, and Dareal Walker with 10, Richard Washington scored 9 points and took 4 charges, while Jeff Bridges worked hard on defense. Go Dragons!