JV Dragons vs the Shamrocks


Taijah Lewis, Reporter

The Dragon Junior Varsity team suffered a hard lost against the Eastpointe Shamrocks Team on the 12th of December with the final score being 21- 62.

I asked how one of the fans felt about the game that was played and what they saw? Gabby Willis responded with “They started off strong but once they saw the other team was getting a lead they started to give up on the game and each other.” I also asked a varsity player Nate Whitfield on how he felt about the game and he responded back “I think in the beginning they did but then, like the pressure and the defense got to them and at halftime EastDetroitt wore them out and they let the crowd get to them, and start putting their heads down , and by the third period they gave up then the other team stretched the lead.”

Although the game was a har lost all boys were still in the gym for practice the next day to get better and successful.