Dragons vs. Eastpointe


Princess Mi'a Johnson, Reporter

Clintondale Dragons held their ground and protected their house by walking away with the win over Eastpoint. With a rough third quarter, the Dragons came back with amazing defense, teamwork, and togetherness and got the win.

After the game, I spoke with Coach Townsend and asked him a few questions. He stated that defense and unselfishness is what kept the game alive. He hopes for a similar performance next game against Madison. As a coach, you see things players don’t and players see things coaches don’t. So I talked to Richard Washington and Domonic Willis to ask them about their thoughts. Richard said, “After spraining his ankle 1st quarter, what kept him from not giving up was the fact he wanted to win. Defense was the highlight of the game for us as a whole, and we can expect more defense and better control.”