10 Seniors Boys Varsity Players


Kenneth Hester, Reporter

This year on the Clintondale Boys Varsity Basketball Team there are 10 seniors. This many seniors is not normally seen on a varsity basketball team. The 10 seniors are:

Dennis Brownlee, #25

Xavier LaPointe, #0

Richard Washington, #3

Domonic Willis, #5

Kijuan Mathis, #15

Jeff Bridges, #21

Jayvon Taylor, #22

Nathaniel Whitfield, #23

Frank Majewski, #24

Chris Rucker, #34

But the 10 seniors don’t complete the team, there are 4 Juniors on the team also: Darrel Walker, Liquory Hines, Tyler Francis, and Elijah Muhammad. We wish the best for all the seniors on the team and looks forward to continuing this good season so far!