Mr. Moro & Students: New Year’s Resolutions

Mr. Moro & Students: New Year's Resolutions

Tameira Ollie, Reporter

I asked Mr. Moro and his students for their New Year’s Resolutions.  Here are their answers:

Denisha W. – My new year’s resolution is to save money.

Xavier L . – My new year’s resolution is to change my ways for the better and stop doing wrong.

Cheyanne H. – My new year’s resolution is to be a more positive person.

James T. – My news year’s resolution is a little different but I still want to be included so I’m just trying to find a reason to be alive.

Daniel N. – My resolution is to stop smoking so much, I don’t want it to control my life.

Mr. Moro – My resolution is to eat healthier to lose weight.