Promise To Graduate


On Oct 8, Clintondale 9th grade students were called down for an assembly for a ¨Promise to Graduate” presentation.

The presentation consisted of how important their freshman year is when it comes to high school and that they should really take it seriously. They were also told about certain clubs and scholarships they should be looking out for and things of that sort.

One of those programs was the C2 Pipeline Warriors Program summer camp, where you could win a scholarship and a free online class for doing an innovative project. I myself won first place and am currently enrolled into Wayne State University’s online business class, so I explained my own experiences and in this program. 

Princess Mia Johnson explained her ninth grade experience, and what she wished she would have done better and how she could have had it easier for herself now if she would have taken it seriously. At the end of the presentation all the ninth grade students signed an large banner that stated ¨I Promise To Graduate Class of 2021.¨