The Inside Scoop On the Cafe

Joshua Warlick and Kenneth Hester

Earlier this week Kenneth and I interviewed Amy Merlo, the head Chef at the Dragon Cafe. She gave us inside details about the Cafe.

Merlo said she is very impressed with this class, considering the fact that all she has is new students, and they’re managing pretty well.

At the Cafe, students learn how to run and manage a restaurant inside of a school. The students manage orders from other students and teachers. Students prepare the cafe days before it opens that week; they also cook and clean while under Mrs. Merlo’s supervision. They also sell desserts to raise money for their end of the year Cafe field trip.

Merlo expects pretty good things from this class and wants everyone to come and enjoy a meal at the Dragon Cafe.  The cafe is open Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday during A and C lunches.