Lowe’s HERO Project


Jaida Robinson and Kenneth Hester

This year, our very own Robotics team won the annual Lowe´s Hero Project. The project has been happening for more than 10 years. The program encourages employees in a location to team together, adopt a volunteer project with a local nonprofit organization or K–12 public school and make a difference. With winning this you get a $2,500 grant and multiple other things.

Dan and Stephanie, and many other workers (including CHS alumni) volunteered their time on Friday, Oct 5th to do the following for our Robotics program and for Clintondale High School:

1. Flower Beds – plant new flowers, mulch, and re-groom area
2. Front sign/marquee – plant new flowers, add paver bricks, and re-groom area
3. Robotics Shop (wood shop) – paint entire west wall navy blue (later add gold letters “Robotics”)
4. Robotics Shop (wood shop) – donated toolboxes for added storage, compressor, tools kits, and various stainless steel screws.
5. Robotics Rm 212 – remove old cabinets and add new cabinets w/locks
The entire day was a complete success that will benefit all of the robotic’s students that will be using the shop and tools to build a variety of projects, such as Solar Electric Go Cart, battle bots, obstacle course, and 3 D printer.
Thank You, Mr. Moskal, for participating in this project and making this all happen.