Teacher Appreciation Football Game

Recently, the football players and cheerleaders were able to pick a staff member, who thought that made a difference in their life and was always there for them. The person they picked would walk them down at the Clintondale vs. Madison game on October 12, 2018, during halftime.  The list below is the varsity football players and who they have picked to walk them down.

Corey Hines and Mrs. Cargill

Domonic Willis and Mrs. Denbaas

Eddie Higgenbotham and Mrs. Maas

Dondray Paris and Mrs. Zabel

Kyle Zabel and Dominic Palazzolo

Darrel Walker and Mr. Townsend

Nate Whitfield and Mrs. Carroll

Kaiyvon Brown and Mrs. Denbaas

Chris Robinson and Mrs. Hyso

Henry Jemison and Mrs. Merlo

Denzel Harmon and Mr. Finn

Desmond Brownlee and Mrs. Zabel

Immanuel Luster-Bey and Mr. Townsend

Xavier Ballard and Mrs. April Jackson

Josh Collins and Mr. Fiori

Marquel Wright and Ms. Shier

RaQuan Hudson and Mrs. King

Markail Owens- Lacey and Darnell Brewer

Chris Rucker and Mrs. Lampasona

D´Vante Ford and Mr. Carpenter

Kun Welly and Mr. Laughlin

Fred Red and Mr. Fiori

Joshua Warlick and Mr. Paul Gillette

Frank Majewski and Mrs. Teri Kennedy

Julian Tocco and Mr. Finn

Jyaer Lawler and Mrs. Krycian

Mytrell Ragland and Ms. Spriggs

Henry Mitchell and Mr. Moskal

Tyler Adams and Ms. Alex Arnoldy

Aaron Teifel and Mr. Dameron

Adrian Manual and Mrs. Hyso

The next list below is the varsity cheerleaders and who they have picked to walk them down.

Briona Winston and Mr. Moskal

Chania Johnson and Mrs. Morris

Chrishia Summers and Mrs. Shier

Daijah Hayes and Darnell Brewer

Denisha Watson and Ms. Lakeisha Whitehead

Destiny Young and Mr. Ferzo

Hannah Greer and Mr. Fiori

Jamia Burse and Ms. Lanissa Beaver

Jasmine Clark and Mr. Taylor

Rakyrah Whitner and Ms. Lanissa Beaver

Nyeya Howard and Mr. Finn

Raven Moore and Mrs. Denbaas

Raya Starls and Mrs. Nicol

Sanyah James and Mr. Booms

Taijah Lewis and Mrs. Klein and Mr. Myers