Senior Year Reflection – LaMya Jones

Senior Year Reflection - LaMya Jones

LaMya Jones

This year taught me a lot and also made me open my eyes and see the bigger picture.

I have been at Clintondale High School from 9th-12th grade the years that have passed have been great yes there were ups and downs and a few bumps in the road. But I’m glad to say that I always fought my way back to the top, yes there were people to guide me and pick me up my parents Clintondale teachers and other staff members always made sure I was okay and took care of my business.

Most of all my 12th grade year was a minor set back waiting on a major comeback, this school year I was injured during a Volleyball game I tore my ACL and Mencius that was one of the most terrifying things in my life, usually, I don’t fold under pressure but this was a different case. I didn’t have control over anything all I could think about was why I couldn’t move my leg why wasn’t I getting up, then there was a sharp cold pain that went through my whole my body all I could do was cry. My teammates were all in shock and were scared they never seen me cry or ever show my pain, my parents were even shocked they couldn’t even move. Once the ambulance came they couldn’t move me fast because I was in so much pain they then put me in the ambulance the pain was unbearable I was crying so hard that I went into shock and my blood pressure was sky high.

After I passed out all I remembered was my mom’s voice once I got woke up I was in the hospital next to a Clintondale football player Aaron Teifel, he had broken his arm all I kept saying was why me? I then started to get frustrated because I didn’t see not one nurse or doctor and started to be rude and disrespectful my parents couldn’t even be with me an all I wanted was for someone to comfort me. Finally, I got some assistance and the nurse took me to the back and the doctor told me that it was a slight tear in my knee but he was sure so I had to get an MRI. That night I prayed over 15 times that I could play volleyball again and would be able to walk and run, the next day I went to get my MRI and then the results came back the doctor told me I tore my ACL and Meniscus and that meant no sports for a year.

My dream was to always play College Volleyball and that dream was out the window. I had to get surgery and I didn’t go to school for a whole month but on the bright side I meet a lot of new people, learned a lot about my body during my journey and I learned that no matter what you go through you have to keep your head up and walk with pride. Long story short, I tried out for CSU volleyball team April 14, 2018, and I’ll be Red Shirting.  I learned to never give up your dreams, no matter the challenge.